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Along with the company’s sure knowledge of advanced technology, satisfied clients acknowledge ACP’s expertise and dedication to customer service.

“I really appreciate ACP; they’re timely and efficient,”
“They just finished installing a state-of-the-art security system in a 100-unit condominium complex we manage in the Back Bay,” he adds. “Among other things, they placed color digital surveillance cameras in the elevators, hallways and lobbies—10 in total—and all totally Web accessible.”
“We can monitor them from our headquarters, the on-site management office and security booth. We always try to use ACP for all our security and alarm needs, because their services are exemplary and prices are reasonable.” says Robert Weintraub of Boston Realty Works.

“I just wanted to say that I’ve been really pleased with how responsive ACP has been and how smooth the intercom installation went. Given how old the wiring is in this building, I expected that this would have been harder to do.”

“Thanks to Hofeller for overseeing this and also finding ACP for us.” Says Wendy Chen